Air Conditioning

It’s important to stay cool and comfortable inside your home during the heat. The people of Richmond can depend on the TemperaturePro Richmond HVAC technicians, some of the best air conditioning technicians in the business, to keep them cool. We provide everything you need to stay cool and comfortable during the summer heat waves. If you are looking for cooling services, look no further. Call us at TemperaturePro Richmond today!



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Starting Off Right

There are many reasons why people need a new AC unit. Perhaps you’re building a new home, your old unit has stopped working, or your current unit is outdated and inefficient. Whatever the reason, let TemperaturePro Richmond get you started on the right foot with your next air conditioner.

Central air conditioners work hard to keep homes cool. If a unit is forced to exert more power than it is capable of sustaining, it will accrue more wear and tear over time. That’s why it’s imperative that before anything else is done, you get the unit that is best suited to your home. A new, appropriately sized unit will save money on energy bills because it functions more efficiently. Our technicians will look into the specifics of your house and your lifestyle to discover the best fit for you. Once the unit is installed, you will reap the immediate benefits.

  • Split System Air Conditioner: A split system offers the highest efficiency and lowest noise level among all central air conditioning products. The air handler is installed inside usually in a mechanical closet or garage. The outdoor condenser is typically set against a remote exterior wall, so the noise created by the compressor and fan is well away from the living environment.
  • Heat Pumps: When cooling, heat pumps work in the same manner as a traditional air conditioner. Heat pumps can also work in reverse; they have the added benefit of providing heat without burning fossil fuels.
  • Packaged Units: When ground space is limited, packaged units offer a desirable alternative for rooftop applications. Packaged units include a condenser and air handler in a single cabinet. They are available in straight AC, heat pump, and gas-electric models.
  • Ductless AC Units: Ductless units are great units for small apartments, rooms, or additions to the house. Ductless AC units work efficiently, keeping the owner comfortable and the owner’s wallet full.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Once the unit has been installed, it’s designed to last for many years. However, at TemperaturePro Richmond, we understand that the future is unpredictable and that anything can happen. With this in mind, we know the best way to own an air conditioner and prepare it for the future is to utilize one of the many quality maintenance plans offered at Temperature Richmond. Through regular maintenance, our technicians will be able to keep your unit running at its full potential without overexerting itself. This will keep you comfortable and save you money. A maintenance plan is a great way to spot any minor problems and fix them before they become costly repairs. Even if a repair is necessary, our technicians are fully capable of fixing a broken cooling unit and having it back up and running in a timely manner at an affordable cost.

TemperaturePro Richmond Is Here For You

TemperaturePro Richmond is your one-stop shop for all things AC; whether it’s installation, maintenance, or repair, our contractors can do it for you. Everyone at TemperaturePro understands how important it is to stay cool during the summer months, and we let that shine through our actions. Come find out for yourself; call TemperaturePro Richmond today!